Favorite Girl. \ Park Bom & Se7en

Bom took one more glance at the menu before speaking out, “I want the Ramen…” She nodded and pushed it away once more, her eyes glancing up at him. The way he stared at her would have made any woman weak in the knees. Luckily, she was sitting down. Batting her lashes slightly, she trailed her tongue over her lower lip and folded her arms over her chest, leaning against the table in front of her. Bom tilted her head and watched him as his gaze was fixated on her. “Big greasy burger, huh?” She snickered at his words before she spotted the waitress, giving her the order as well. Once she left, Bom looked down at her nails, becoming slightly fixated on them. Her nose scrunched up as she saw some of the paint chipped. She became disappointed until she heard the compliment.

Dumbfounded, she looked up; her bright eyes blinked twice as she felt her cheeks heat up. But she began to smile, and speak, “Thank you! You’re handsome too, Wookie,” She managed to speak out before placing her hands against the table. She felt his foot against her, but she tried to ignore it at first; just to tease him. She pulled out her bun, letting her hair fall. She puffed her cheeks in an attempt to fix her hair once more, to expose her neck; not catching on to the fact that he was staring at it. “Oh…” She whispered as she could no longer deny the fact that he was playing footsie with her under the table. But she obliged and gave in, playing in return. “Wookie, you’re going to be bad?”

"Yeah, I’m that greasy.” Dongwook emphasized tapping his fingers on the table. Dongwook chuckled as she gave him a compliment, he looked down at his fingers. He shot up as she spoke, smirking, “I don’t see the reason why I shouldn’t be bad.” he mumbled, looking back down, his foot reaching up to her inner thighs. This wasn’t an easy trick, he had years of practice to perfect his foot skills.

"This restaurant has one of the best wines. Did you know that?" Dongwook said, and as if on cue, a waiter dropped by with a bottle of wine, pouring some on their glasses.

He leaned in again, getting his glass, “To us, friends.” he emphasized, placing the glass infront of his mouth, slowly drinking it down, closing his eyes at that. And as he finished drinking his wines, he smiled playfully over at Bom, observing her face once more.

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Favorite Girl. \ Park Bom & Se7en

As the two got closer, Bom nodded her head and licked her lips. She could taste it, it was so close. But until then, she had to rub her grumbling stomach with her free hand; since the other was gripped around his toned arm. “I still had to warn you, nonetheless,” She stuck out her tongue before the two entered. Her steps quickened for a moment, but she was taken aback with how his arm lacked around her waist. It made her blush, ever so slightly, but she lead the way like he had previously asked of her. She found a booth in the corner, secluded too. And it seemed perfect. “Right there,” She raised her hair, pointing her finger right at it. Then, Bom pulled Dongwook behind her, towards the table. She grinned and slid right in, batting her lashes a bit. “Thank you for taking me to dinner.” The menu was placed in front of her and she nodded at the waiter.

Her fingers gripped the menu tightly and she scanned over the delicious choices. She had no idea what to get, but her heart was telling her to get some Black Bean noodles. A favorite of hers and her best friend, Dara. “Hm…” But she needed corn as well. Corn, corn, corn. “Ah… I know what I want now!” She found an appetizer, a simple one. Corn on a cob. And Bom was hellbent on having that. With a simple lick of her lips, she looked up at him and smiled behind the menu. Her sneaker poked his calf and she snickered like an amused child. “This ought to be fun, ne?”

Dongwook couldn’t let go, she had a very fine figure, and touching it was too much for him. He followed her intently, still with his hands glued on her waist, and as she parted from him to sit down, his hand slightly brushed against her ass, nothing much. He slid down to his seat as well, sitting across her. He took his own menu and scanned it, looking down on it. He took quick glances over at Bom who was serious at scanning hers, licking his lips as she hmmed. “Cincia? What?” Dongwook asked, finding out what he wanted as well.

He lied down his menu and did his routine with his elbows and hands, placing his chin on top. “It’ll be fun.” Dongwook said, in a very well tone. “I’ll have a big greasy burger.” he said in a very enthusiastic way, his hands even helped him explain the height of his order. “And the lady will have?” he moved his gaze towards Bom, as the girl finished making her order, he leaned an elbow on the table, and topped his chin on his hand.

"You look really pretty." Dongwook coyly said, he then pictured her legs, they were gorgeous, his foot made it’s way towards hers, circling her ankles with his bare foot. His gaze was trapped, he was looking directly at her neck.

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Favorite Girl. \ Park Bom & Se7en

Continuing to suck the remaining icing off her finger, she reached for his cake and was about to repeat her actions until she heard him speak. Bom eyed him innocently and flashed a small smile, “Oh… yeah,” Having her own piece of cake would be better than stealing someone elses. Besides, she was finding that her craving for corn was getting a little stronger as the evening went on. “That sounds like a good idea,” Bom batted her lashes and stood up, almost sad that she was leaving the small piece of cake, as well as her coffee, but she knew she’d have something better in quite a few moments. She brushed off her hoodie and walked forward towards Dongwook, keeping that huge smile on her face. “And you’re gonna drive me home? What a gentleman,” Before she knew it, she wrapped her arms around his own and scrunched up her nose to reveal a smile. “C’mon then, wow me with those cakes,”

As the two reached outside, she was a bit unsure as to where the place was. But she was going to follow his lead. Wherever he walked, she followed closely behind, with a tilt of her head. Bom eyed the places around her and licked her plush lips as she smelled the aroma of food. The area they were in was surrounded by little cafes, candy shops and restaurants. And now was the worst time to play with Bom’s food emotions. She was extremely hungry. “I’ll warn you now… I’m quite the eater, so…. mianhae, araso?” She didn’t want to seem like a pig in front of such a handsome man but when it came to food, she was no able to help herself.

He found it extremely adorable, how she was sucking on her finger. He smiled at her exposure, “Of course, anything for my new favorite girl.” Dongwook chuckled lightly, it was more of a signature chuckle. He smiled approvingly as she wrapped around his arm, he led the way, good thing his car was parked at the resto, he was there for lunch, it was his favorite place on earth. He liked the fact that Bom was like a puppy, following him from behind, liking the power of leading, Dongwook slowed his pace abit, trying to keep the walk there long.

Finally, they were close, he could already smell the newly cooked steak’s smoke coming from the kitchen. He looked back at her as she warned him, he smirked at her, “No need to say sorry Bommie, as soon as we get there, I want you to sit down at the best seat you can ever find and grab the menu, scan it and order whatever you’d want for dinner. No one won’t hold you back now, okay?” Dongwook said genuinely smiling. He wasn’t cheap, especially when it came to food. Money was nothing when it came down to food. Food first.

They entered the restaurant, Dongwook laced his arm around Bom’s waist, pushing her slightly forward, as if signaling her to take the lead. He wanted her to decide, what did she want?

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Favorite Girl. \ Park Bom & Se7en

Bom found herself snickering, he was quite adorable. Her fingers ruffled against her bang, running through them as her bright eyes blinked in his direction, staring at his features. “Dongwook. I’m going to call you Wookie,” She randomly spat out with a huge smile on her face, her lips poking out. “I like that nickname,” Bom was quite weird when it came to first meetings, her random words would usually win people over though. That’s just how she was. Once their coffee was placed in front of them, her eyes began to twinkle as she spotted his cake, “Yah, you got that…” She let out a small whimper, the little devil in her told her to steal a piece.

With the way he was staring at her, she found her milky cheeks turning slightly red. “Ah,” She let out a small sound, smiling before she looked away, over to the cake section moreso. But his words pulled her right back. With widened eyes, she tilted her head and furrowed her brows, “Me? Well, yeah…” Bom reached her pointer finger out, dipping it into the icing portion of the cake. She brought it to her lips and sucked the icing off with a goofy laugh. “Sorry, I really wanted some. Oh, and… I’m Park Bom. Annyeong!”

Wookie? Sounds good. Dongwook nodded at her as she told her the new name she came up with. “I like it too.” he nodded with a warm smile. He looked up as a shadow came across the table, their order was here. He cheered mentally as he saw the cake coming, especially the coffee, the smell of it made him giddy all of a sudden. He snapped out of his childish self when he heard her remark, suddenly worried. 

"N-Ne." he shyly nodded, grabbing his coffee and sipping on it generously. "Then, let’s eat dinner here." he offered jabbing his thumb towards the diner just in front of the cafe. "Or maybe the restaurant I know just up the hill, they have good food there." he pointed out, but then he trailed off as she began to dip her finger into his cake. He began to soften as she sucked on her finger shyly. "Well, I heard they have more decent cakes up there." Dongwook said, grabbing his coffee, standing up from the booth. "Care to join me Miss Bom?" he smiled ever so brightly.

"I’m sure you’ll enjoy the cakes there." Dongwook nodded approvingly, he was walking backwards. "Come on, I’ll drive you home." he offered, giving her the most appealing smile he could ever give to someone.

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Favorite Girl. \ Park Bom & Se7en

Bom had her headphones in her ear, bobbing her head to a random song as she made her way to the cafe. For the first time, she wasn’t dressed in a beautiful dress, showing off her legs like she was known for. But today… she was dressed in shorts and a sweatshirt, her hair up in a messy bun and no make-up on. Bom never left bare-faced, but she was way too exhausted to care for her appearance today. “Aish,” She whispered, walking into the store and spotting a few faces. Some she knew, some were just passer-bys. Stepping to the counter, she flashed a tired smile and spoke out, “The usual,”

Once she turned around, she spotted a male staring in his direction. Bom tilted her head and blinked a few times. That’s the new teacher… he’s cute, she thought to herself. And since he was staring, she figured she’d go take a seat by him. Turning to the counter, she pointed in his direction. “Send my coffee to that table,” She smiled once more and made her way to the table. Her slender hands pressed against the surface as she looked down at him, “You’re new here…” Bom smiled, pushing into the booth and sitting across from him. “You’re quite handsome, dongsaeng. Oh and—welcome to Seoul Prep,”

Dongwook took a few deep breaths before finally halting, the female that she was checking out, was now in front of him. What to do? First he blinked at her, then he playfully smiled, leaning his elbows on the table, engaging his fingers, and finally, he rested his chin on his knuckles. “You’re quite good looking yourself there. Thank you, I’m Choi Dongwook.” he introduced, offering one hand, the other still supporting his face.

He observed her face thoroughly, scanning each of her features. Bare face? And still looking hella fine? Wow. he thought, squinting his eyes a bit, breaking into a soft chuckle after a few more thoughts, he really thought she was pretty, and thinking about it, made him feel like a giddy kid. 

"I don’t usually say this on first meetings, but, are you free for dinner?" Dongwook asked, full of confidence, who wouldn’t want the lady in front of her? Hell, he didn’t even know her name.

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Favorite Girl. \ Park Bom & Se7en

It was already time to go back to his room when he felt the desire for coffee, not wanting to let his heart down, he headed straight to the school’s cafe, thank God it was open 24/7. He rubbed his hands against each other as he felt cold, his knitted torso was the only thing protecting his upper body. The pants that he wore were undeniably cozy tho.

He headed straight to the counter and ordered coffee, and a slice of cake to go along with it. After paying for it, the young woman pointed him to an empty seat. He nodded, assuming that the lady was gonna give him his order there, he smoothly left the counter, sliding into the booth he had spotted empty.

Dongwook began to look around the cafe, getting slightly impatient. He considered this meal as dinner, yeah, his appetite grew down because of stress from the students. As he was looking around, he spotted someone familiar, too familiar he thought. A teacher from the school? Maybe. Dongwook thought while tapping his fingers on the table, still waiting for his order. Just then, as he was staring at the lady’s back, the lady turned around, now exchanging gazes with him. Does she know me?